Install & Setup

For any theme installation or setting up core WordPress properly with all the necessary requirements.

Site Speed up

We can increase the speed and optimize the performance of your website.

Customize Plugins

We provide WordPress help to fix or customize any WP plugin.

Fix Errors

We can help you to fix fatal error, syntax and parse error, 404 not found, 500 internal server error, 502 error, etc.

Theme Customization

We can customize any theme to perfectly suit your business needs.

Malware & Bugs Removal

We can quickly remove all malware issues and malicious codes from your WordPress website.

Hacked Site Recovering

We can recover & fix your hacked website in just a very quick time.

Hardening & Securing

Hardening WordPress is a complex process through which we can help in reducing the risk & vulnerabilities present in your website.

SSL Security – HTTPS

We can properly install & configure SSL (HTTPS) certs with a green padlock sign which encrypts the connection of your WordPress website.

Daily monitoring

We will organize daily monitoring of your WordPress website performance.


We will provide hosting space for your WordPress website. No additional costs.


We will ensure daily backups of your WordPress website, to avoid potential drops and to ensure safe copy.

Domain registration

We will register your chosen domain name and connect it to your WordPress website.